"The Wake" - ("El Velorio")

Tina's world is breaking up. The answers lie elsewhere. In a bid to restore order she embarks on a journey where past and present collide. Her plight is soon embroiled with that of the people she encounters questioning her return.

A darkly comic tale of reunion.

Feature length. Stop-frame/live-action. Fiction. - Written/Dir. Gustavo Arteaga. Main Cast; Carrie Cohen, Miriam Balderas, Rebecca Scott, Sergio Negrete, André Krassoievitch, Daniel Contreras, Liberty Fletcher. Music; Paul Synnot, Mirka Morales. Music contributors; Juan Cristobal Perez Grobet, Maria Granillo, Sephine Llo, Alvaro Ruiz, Ben Carey/Zane Banks, Novalima, Heidi Harris, Vayijel, Madame Ur y sus Hombres. - Photography, animation; - G. Arteaga. Prod co-ordinators: Ruth J. Kreusch; Mexico/Ian Burnell;U.K.- Release date - Dec. 2017